Outbound Call Centre

Our dialer capabilities allow us to upload specific target campaigns to promote an effective and professional outbound centre. We guarantee contact with your debtor and will encourage PTP arrangements.

Inbound Call Centre

Our SMS capabilities promotes and inbound centre where our call centre deals with all communication from debtors by monitoring responses, negotiating payment plans and dealing with enquiries

BPO Centre

The BPO centre provides centralised administrative support for the agents, leaving them to focus on the task of recoveries. All automated communications such as volume bulk letters, volume email runs, volumes SMSs and faxes are sent from the BPO Centre

SMS capabilities

Our BPO can turn an outbound call centre to an inbound call centre by sending out volume SMS on the minute, by the minute. Due to the effective turnaround time, handovers can be worked almost instantaneously..

Volume Letter Runs

Select offers bulk letter capabilities. Our system is designed to send periodic letters to debtors advising of handover, confirmation of arrangements and settlements. We also send out attorney letter of demands to achieve desired results

Tracing Services

Our tracing team has access to a variety of databases and information sources which allows us to effectively trace companies and individuals. Our large and diverse client base means that we can often trace individuals through our system. These are easily identifiable to a collection agent as they work their accounts. At Select, we go a step further, and continuous cycle work to various out house tracing agents as no costs to you. .

Pre-legal and Legal Service

Majority of our collections are resolved at the Call Centre. In the case where legal intervention is required, our attorney and legal department works closely with the team to provide professional legal services. As a customer, you don't pay any additional fees for legal advice from our attorney. Only disbursements such as revenue stamps and sheriff fees are charged.

24 hour reporting

Our internet based system allows you the customer to log in at any time to monitor the real time progress of your recoveries. In addition, we provide regular monthly progress reports.